Addressing the data challenges of the entire healthcare ecosystem.

MRO has the technology, experience, and forward-thinking solutions to support a wide range of healthcare clients with consistent quality and exceptional customer service.


Our configurable solutions leverage the power of innovation, process improvement, and well-honed expertise to address your unique challenges.

  • Acceleration: Centralization of services for faster outputs with fewer redundancies.
  • Reliability: Repeatable, consistent results, across every type of request.
  • Productivity: Automation means assigning your workforce to the highest value work.
  • Scalability: Ability to handle seasonal changes and variable or unexpected demand.
  • Performance: Shortened time from request to delivery.

Our Solutions

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) Capabilities
Medical Record Requesters
Medical Specialty Societies & Registry Capabilities

Real-World Results

Case Study: Banner Health

Optimizing release of information after introducing a new technology platform to manage increasing requests.

White Paper: Audit Manager Return on Investment

Managing the influx of requests for documentation, denials, and downstream appeals as government and commercial audits continue to skyrocket.

Case Study: CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Visualizing gaps in quality performance and enhancing clinical relationships to drive better patient outcomes.

Our engagement with MRO Corp has gone very well. They are a knowledgeable, transparent, and collaborative firm. That feedback doesn’t mean that we never have issues with some of our day-to-day operational processes, but MRO Corp works with us to resolve those issues. MRO Corp is the pinnacle of a firm partnering with a client. Every relationship has challenges, but MRO Corp is willing to partner. If they know something is not working, they want to discuss it right away and solve the problem. They are responsive. Given the experience we have with other firms, MRO Corp is one of the better companies out there, and I would select them again. We have a strong partnership.

Director of HIM, from KLAS Research

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