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MRO understands the challenges faced by today’s healthcare professionals and organizations to deliver outstanding patient outcomes, secure and safeguard Protected Health Information and remain financially healthy.

MRO’s solutions can be customized and leverage the power of innovation, process improvement and highly trained experts to address your unique challenges. Innovation in technology and award winning services deliver MRO’s quality solutions to healthcare organizations nationwide. Outcomes are driven by scalable processes to meet organizational needs ensuring a healthy impact to your revenue cycle success.

MRO deploys the latest technology to automate processes between health systems and medical record requesters. On behalf of our clients, we work collaboratively with requesters to drive automation through bi-directional portals, APIs, HL7 and sFTP. We create the automation gateway so you do not have to build and maintain multiple and varied connections. Integration with EMRs and third party applications promotes workflow efficiency, assures consistent disclosure regulatory compliance and promotes information coordination across your health system.

Health Information Management (HIM) 

HIM encompasses a multitude of disciplines with unique functions at its foundation.  MRO focuses on delivering best in class services paired with advanced, secure and compliant technology. Through a consultative approach, we standardize workflows, ensure consistent policy enforcement, and provide ongoing quality assurance to achieve your desired goals.

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Health Information Management Solutions

Revenue Cycle

Financial pressures are increasing as payers of all types hold, partially pay, audit and deny claim payments. Additional documentation requests, from health plans, third party auditors, CMS, the Veteran’s Administration, state Medicaid and a multitude of additional payers, are complex and difficult to fulfill and track. Every day spent managing claim-based record requests increases accounts receivables and impacts the bottom line, often causing unnecessary write-offs. MRO’s Revenue Integrity services leverage our workflow, platform and automation to eliminate technical denials and reduce AR days associated with payer claim requests and audits.

Explore MRO's Revenue Cycle Solutions   
Revenue Cycle Solutions

Compliance Solutions

Compliance teams are being asked to manage a rapidly expanding number of critical issues. To manage the burgeoning workload, they need powerful, easy to use tools that enable them to work efficiently.

Compliance Solutions

Our engagement with MRO Corp has gone very well. They are a knowledgeable, transparent, and collaborative firm. That feedback doesn’t mean that we never have issues with some of our day-to-day operational processes, but MRO Corp works with us to resolve those issues. MRO Corp is the pinnacle of a firm partnering with a client. Every relationship has challenges, but MRO Corp is willing to partner. If they know something is not working, they want to discuss it right away and solve the problem. They are responsive. Given the experience we have with other firms, MRO Corp is one of the better companies out there, and I would select them again. We have a strong partnership.

Director of HIM

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