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Prioritizing payer medical record requests with Payer Exchange, a fully interoperable digital release of information solution.

See what Payer Exchange can save you.

Automate record retrieval with Payer Exchange. 

Healthcare organizations today are consistently looking to manage costs, reduce administrative burdens, improve efficiency, ensure greater accuracy, achieve data quality, and maintain privacy, compliance, and security. With MRO’s robust and fully interoperable digital release of information solution, Payer Exchange, providers can achieve all of that and more.

Providers have experienced an explosion in payer requests for medical records—primarily to support new value-based care models and reporting requirements.

From HEDIS to Risk Adjustments, payers need greater access to specific, accurate and timely patient data from healthcare providers. MRO assists organizations by digitizing the release of information process to share information with payers.

The essential benefits of digitizing release of information include:

Accelerated turnaround times while ensuring payer requests are met within contractual response times with data in the form/format they require, compliantly.

Increased visibility and complete transparency into key metrics via configurable dashboards, including chart status, turnaround time, requesters, payers, and charts at risk.

Decreased manual burden on HIM department staff, allowing for increased capacity for the highest value work that requires human intervention.

Reduced costs associated with human capital and resolution of seasonal staffing needs.

Reduced human errors and improved accuracy.

Improved security, increased interoperability, quicker implementation, and lower integration costs and maintenance leveraging HL7 FHIR standards.

Experience is important. Work with us.

Over the course of the last 20 years, MRO’s sole mission has been to deliver the right records to the right requesters, in a secure and compliant manner, with an unwavering focus on client success.

MRO is committed to delivering clinical data on behalf of providers to a diverse set of payers. MRO is expanding our connections daily to create the most comprehensive network of payers available to our provider clients.

Today, that remains MRO’s core mission.

  • Activating clinical data across more than 900 hospitals and 35,000 clinics.
  • Delivering data to over 240 electronic health record systems (EHRs), practice management systems and lab sources.
  • Partnering with 44 of the top 50 payers in the United States.
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