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Integrate innovative technology solutions to lower costs, increase security and compliance, and efficiently protect your organization with a partner you can trust.

ROI Online®

ROI Online is a cloud-based solution enabling healthcare organizations to efficiently manage the Release of Information (ROI) process across their enterprise. Our innovative PHI exchange technology helps to drive compliance, standardize PHI disclosure processes, increase policy enforcement, decrease turnaround time, improve customer service and provide an accounting of disclosure.

Secure Health Record Interchange Automation

MRO ROI Online is securely powered by the latest technology to automate the health record interchange workflow. MRO’s workflow automation provides a higher level of interoperability, and safer, more compliant electronic processing of PHI. Strategically deployed application processing interfaces (APIs), robotic process automation (RPA), health level 7 (HL7), and BOT technologies are woven throughout our solutions.


Embedded within ROI Online, IdentiScan is MRO’s patented, proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) verification technology that examines patient-identifying information on each page of the medical record to identify comingled records and prevent their release. The use of IdentiScan by the MRO Quality Assurance team, is just one of many quality assurance steps supported by technology embedded throughout our workflow.


MROeLink is a suite of interfaces between ROI Online and various electronic health record (EHR) systems, which automates previously manual steps to improve accuracy and drive efficiency. When enabling the interoperability of MROeLink, the previously mundane logging, extracting of patient information, and archiving of the patient’s records are effortlessly automated.

Patient Lookup
Enables health information management (HIM) staff to electronically access patient identifiers, demographics and encounter history directly within the MRO ROI Online platform, eliminating the need for copying or retyping information.

Record Intake
Moves patient records from the hospital network into the ROI Online system, streamlining the export process, bypassing EMR print server delays and minimizing the need to repeatedly switch between systems.

EPIC Release Module Synchronization
Automatically synchronizes requester information and delivery status between ROI Online and Epic’s release module.

Request Documentation Archiving
Sends ROI request documentation, such as cover letters and patient authorizations, to the hospital’s enterprise document management (EDM) system, so that the hospital can retain a copy without having to scan the documentation into two systems.

MRO eXpress™

MRO eXpress is an application to streamline patients medical record requests through an electronic format that connects directly into the enterprise-wide ROI workflow. Patients are provided the flexibility to request records no matter the time or place, through a link on the client’s website that can be accessed on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile). MRO eXpress allows HIM staff to bypass time consuming data entry workflows and provides a standard authorization output in PDF format. The application includes all the elements your patients need to complete the request, validate their identity and provide signatures electronically.

Certified Health Information Handler

As a certified Health Information Handler (HIH), and a designated technology services provider of the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), MRO enables healthcare organizations of all sizes to electronically exchange information with both agencies, helping clients to improve financial performance, enhance efficiency and drive compliance.

MRO’s interface with the CMS esMD gateway enables access with the following auditors:

  • N Medicare Recovery Auditors (formerly called RACs)
  • N Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs)
  • N Comprehensive Error Testing Contactors (CERTs)
  • N Payment Error Rate Measurement Contractors (PERMs)

ERE Gateway Integration

Across most states, MRO integrates into the ERE Gateway to facilitate transmission of information to both the state and Social Security for disability benefit determination. MRO’s automation drives electronic receipt of record requests to reduce the paperwork and labor related to disability requests. By automating the uploading of the medical record, clients are assured of record receipt and eliminate the time and expense of mailing or faxing the medical record. MRO’s disability benefit automation saves time and money while also improving satisfaction for individuals working through the disability determination process.

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