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Payer Plugs Gap with Innovative Alliance

And to gather additional contextual data that is not included in the claims data, CareFirst has partnered with Rockford, Ill.-based FIGmd, a software platform that supports data submission processes within different health systems across the country. “The whole idea...

2023 forecast: Balancing patient privacy and data sharing

Harmonizing HIPAA with interoperability, third-party compliance and data usability are among the priorities this year for Rita Bowen, a member of the Sequoia Project board of directors and MRO vice president.[dnxte_button button_text="View Full Article" button_link=""...

Strategies to Focus Internal Audit Activities

Healthcare staffing shortages, declining margins, and lower reimbursements brings renewed attention to operational expenditures. Yet as the volume of administrative work continues to climb, this means getting more done with fewer resources. So it may be a good time to...

Updating Healthcare Data Management and Privacy

So what does HIPAA mean and where did it come from? The letters stand for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The term originated with the federal law of the same name, which created a national standard to protect sensitive patient health...

HIPAA Challenges: State AGs Crack Down on Data Privacy

State attorneys general have been increasingly ramping up investigations and cracking down on data breaches at health care organizations. Although hospitals and health systems are well-versed in reporting data breaches to the Office for Civil Rights because of HIPAA,...

Keeping Reproductive Patient Records Protected and Private

Given recent guidance from the OCR, now is the time for HI professionals to hold internal discussions, revisit policies, refresh education, and build checklists to ensure the privacy of sensitive patient data related to reproductive health. Here are four steps to take...