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And to gather additional contextual data that is not included in the claims data, CareFirst has partnered with Rockford, Ill.-based FIGmd, a software platform that supports data submission processes within different health systems across the country. “The whole idea of FIGmd is that we’re going to be getting clinical information that typically is not shared via claims and it’s a huge gap. It’s a gap for care managers. It’s a gap for providers and for the payers,” said Rabovsky.

The partnership started in October 2017 and the idea of collecting more contextual claims data was started in June 2021. “In very simple terms, we are a partner that helps CareFirst get access to the data that is critical for proper care for the members and then utilize the data for driving purposes that will actually improve the outcomes for the members,” said Thirumalai Rajagopal, senior vice president, payer solutions at FIGmd’s parent company MRO.

Thirumalai "Raj" Rajagopal

As Senior VP, Payer Solutions for MRO, Raj is responsible for driving strategy, growth and operations of Payer Solutions. His focus is to develop Payer Solutions into a profitable line of business for MRO. Raj joins MRO from FIGmd, now an MRO company, where he was President of Payer and Enterprise Solutions. Raj is a senior healthcare executive with over 35 years of experience. Prior to FIGmd, Raj had experience building, operating and supporting the clients of the #1 KLAS-ranked claims clearinghouse at RealMed, an Availity company, for 13 years, which is where he pioneered early on, payer-provider relationships and alignment. His experience with large scale projects includes the launch of a nation-wide Mallperks Affinity program for the Simon Property Group, development and management of a worldwide imaging library for Jim Davis, the Garfield cartoonist and the launch of the Garfield store and being a key member of the initial launch of the computerization of the Indian Railway system. Raj received his Masters from IIT, Chennai (Madras) and Bachelors from IIT, Varanasi (Benares), both in India.

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