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MRO Satisfies Payer Medical Record Requests Automatically

Requests for medical records have grown enormously in recent years—and that’s as it should be. Because data allows for better decision-making, patient records are being requested by payers, communities of care, and patients themselves.  However, this can sometimes be...

Why quality measures are a crucial on-ramp to VBC

Technology is key to success as health systems and providers opt in to value-based contracts and away from fee-for-service reimbursement. Accurate, properly documented, interoperable patient data is required to achieve CMS’s goal for 100 percent of Medicare (and the...

Innovation Between Payers and Providers

Sanket Baralay, Chief Innovation Officer at MRO, and Matthew Raynor, Group Publisher at Healthcare Innovation, discuss the ongoing challenges between payers and providers, especially when it comes to reimbursement and compliance.[dnxte_button button_text="View Full...