MRO Satisfies Payer Medical Record Requests Automatically

July 26, 2023
Healthcare IT Today

Requests for medical records have grown enormously in recent years—and that’s as it should be. Because data allows for better decision-making, patient records are being requested by payers, communities of care, and patients themselves.  However, this can sometimes be overwhelming for healthcare provider organizations that are now getting larger and larger volumes of requests from payers which inundate their systems.

We recently sat down with Mo Weitnauer, Chief Product Officer at MRO, to talk about their newly announced Payer Exchange product which implements near-frictionless interoperability for payer exchange. Although some manual intervention is still required, many requests can be satisfied in seconds or minutes instead of weeks.  MRO makes the most of FHIR-based APIs to reduce staff needs during data exchange which has become essential as most healthcare organizations face staffing challenges.