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MRO is often featured in leading healthcare publications, focusing on our technology, solutions, compliance, and security, among other topics. Read our industry coverage below.

What Does it Mean to be #CyberSmart?

What Does it Mean to be #CyberSmart? October 6, 2021 Health IT AnswersCyber safety begins with good cyber hygiene. All internet-connected devices are possible entry points for a cybercriminal. And the need for diligence increases exponentially as the volume of...

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Telehealth and the HIM Professional’s Role: Relaxing of Rules for Telehealth Services due to COVID-19 Requires Strong Leadership

MRO’s Diana Warner discusses telehealth and the Health Information Management (HIM) professional’s role during COVID-19. In this article, she outlines the need to review and update documentation practices, content, polices and procedures, all while upholding patient privacy and confidentiality.

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