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Client & Requester Support

Don’t lose sleep over staff retention, improper disclosures, or increasing volumes of medical record requests. Your trusted ROI solutions provider has you covered.

98% of our clients stay with MRO year after year. Find out why.

Client Support

At MRO, industry leading experts oversee the delivery of our solutions, operations, account management, and client support which are tailored to account for the unique needs of each of our clients. 

Day to day service delivery and management of onsite staff is directed by our Operations team. Plus, MRO clients are assigned an Account Manager who will work closely with them to optimize compliance, workflows and technology. Finally, clients have direct access to privacy and compliance, training and managed care contract experts

By providing specialized teams at our National Service Center (NSC) to perform repetitive tasks and load balancing work across our client base, MRO is able to scale and better support our clients and requesters as request volumes and associated tasks ebb and flow.

Requester Support

We understand that requester satisfaction is a high priority for our clients, especially for the patients they serve, so MRO designed requester specific communication and services directly into our workflow.

When a request is logged into MRO’s ROI Online platform, communication is sent to the requester letting them know the request is being processed by MRO with instructions to call MRO with questions.  If the request is non-compliant or incomplete, correction instructions are provided to the requester, so their request can be processed as quickly as possible.

Calls that previously overwhelmed the onsite staff are rerouted to our Requester Services team, residing at our National Service Center (NSC).  Clients routinely tell us that lower onsite call volumes greatly reduces errors caused by multi-tasking or distracted employees. Calls are routed to the appropriate Requester Specialist based complexity and patients receive special attention from our Patient Advocates.

Patients can request their records through a number of touchless request options with our Virtual Front Desk solutions. MRO’s eXpress™ patient request app allows patients to safely request their records electronically via their smart phone, laptop or computer.  Other touchless options include requesting via e-mail, faxing or drop box.  MRO provides you with all the collateral and educational material for a turn-key solution.

National Service Center

MRO’s National Service Center (NSC) supports the life cycle of Release of Information (ROI) requests from start to finish. Whether MRO places highly knowledgeable staff onsite at a client facility, arranges a partially outsourced service model, or brings the entire process to our National Service Center, all of our clients receive first class service and industry-leading quality assurance (QA) from our NSC support teams.


Technical Support

MRO’s technical support is available by phone and email to all clients during operational business hours. Providing support directly to end-users, or clients’ internal information technology teams, this group is available for both simple and complex technical issues.

MRO Wins Three 2020 Stevie Awards for Superior Customer Service Fourth Year in a Row.


The Best ROI Vendor I Have Worked With

“MRO’s staff is extremely efficient and well trained. We have seen a significant reduction in call volume and our turnaround times have greatly improved as well. With MRO, we have received various compliments on our superior customer service, and that was previously a rare occurrence. I would honestly say that this is the best ROI vendor I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Linda Bugdanowitz

Find out how we can support you to meet the challenges of PHI disclosure.


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