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ROI Online® Business Office Edition


ROI Online® – Business Office Edition

Is your business office staff spending unnecessary time, effort and money aggregating and delivering patient records to support payment of claims?

Instead of distracting billers and collectors from their core objective of collecting revenue, savvy business office, Health Information Management (HIM) and other revenue cycle leaders can lean on MRO’s services and technology to improve efficiency, cost savings and compliance.

Take more control of your organization’s revenue cycle management with solutions from MRO, the KLAS-recognized leader for Release of Information (ROI) services. Our Business Office Medical Record Attachment solution, ROI Online®Business Office Edition, helps automate and expedite the aggregation and delivery of patient records and billing/claims forms.

By leveraging MRO’s Medical Record Attachment services, you will:

Improve efficiency and create cost savings

  • Automate workflows and delivery methods to minimize operational costs
  • Reduce labor required and redeploy employees to other high-value projects, or improve margins
  • Minimize breaches with secure, compliant exchange of PHI
  • Renegotiate better payer terms with new and actionable data

Provide scalable, trackable delivery

  • Look up and resubmit requested documentation in seconds, should the payer not have a record of the original
  • Deliver documentation quickly and compliantly by payer-requested delivery method, including electronic
  • Track deliveries and provide proof of receipt

Enhance interdepartmental collaboration

  • Collaborate efficiently through one centralized platform
  • Track status from request to delivery
  • Focus respective teams on what they do best to maximize production

Business Office Medical Record Attachment Workflow

MRO’s Business Office Medical Record Attachment workflows are customized based on the healthcare organization’s needs, resources and technologies. The following graphic shows the MRO process on a high level.