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Release of Information Solutions


Release of Information Solutions

As the volume of medical Release of Information (ROI) continues to spike—with multiple points of access and disclosure from electronic medical records (EMRs)—the risk of a serious breach exists.

Managing the disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) from within a healthcare organization is more complex than ever for a variety of reasons. Evolving federal regulations, the rising tide of government and commercial payer audits, and a strong push to manage and exchange health information electronically all increase Release of Information (ROI) workloads.

MRO safeguards clients from breach by offering Release of Information services with workflows based in efficiency, accuracy, quality and compliance. Our cloud-based platform, ROI Online®, can be implemented across multiple departments and physician practices to provide a truly enterprise-wide ROI management solution. We standardize disclosure management processes by offering best practices, consistent policy enforcement and Quality Assurance (QA) throughout an organization, and creating a comprehensive Accounting of Disclosures (AOD).

These are just some of the reasons KLAS has ranked us the #1 provider of Release of Information services since 2013.

Industry-recognized workflows that drive compliance through fast turnaround times and 99.99 percent accuracy for release of medical records

Dedicated professional teams offering seamless implementations of the ROI Online platform

Epic integrations that eliminate dual-logging and reduce processing times by half

Cutting-edge technology for breach prevention – IdentiScan® — scans PHI for comingled records

Unique processes for hiring, training and retaining knowledgeable and customer service-focused employees for ROI management

Lowest employee turnover rate in the industry—an impressive 25 percentage points lower than ROI average for greater service reliability

Consistent interaction and communication between operations management and clients, enabling transparency

Award-winning patient advocacy program for greater patient satisfaction during release of medical records

Medical Release of Information: Service Model Options

MRO’s ROI Solution, ROI Online, can be delivered in a variety of deployments which enables the facility to set up the process that works best for them: Shared Services, Staffed Services or centralized Remote Services. All of the service delivery models allow the facility to take advantage of MRO’s dynamic technology platform, workflows that ensure compliance, exceptional customer service and unique requester-relations support.


MRO offers rapid and seamless ROI implementations with minimal IT resource requirements and zero disruption to mission-critical Health Information Management (HIM) operations.

Workflow Processes

More compliant and efficient ROI workflows are made possible through MRO’s industry-recognized platform. MRO’s workflow differentiates itself with its thorough, efficient and effective processes, technology and people. We provide redundant quality checks for a second set of eyes on every release.

Quality Assurance

Our QA process helps facilities enforce consistent policies, standardize processes and maintain best practices for PHI disclosure to ensure compliance, drive accuracy and limit risk across the organization.

Training and Education

MRO invests heavily in the hiring, training and education of its onsite and offsite ROI staff to develop the most knowledgeable employees in the industry and ensure the best client experience possible. Training quality is ensured through MRO Academy, a rigorous and required online educational curriculum for all MRO employees.

MRO clients reduce the risk of improper disclosure of PHI while advancing goals for secure information sharing through unmatched accuracy and enhanced turnaround times to:

Meet requester expectations

Improve customer satisfaction for providers, payers, auditors and patients


“The MRO system has streamlined our ROI process and the volume of inbound requestor calls has dropped significantly since we started with MRO. Many of our requests can be fulfilled without scanning the paper chart because the MRO system can import electronic documents directly into the release workflow, such as previously scanned records or reports stored in our Clinical Information System. MRO has also been able to provide customized reporting and tracking features for our department.”

Nancy Walborn, RHIA

Director of Health Information Management, Atlantic City Medical Center