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KLAS Rated Release of Information

KLAS Rated #1 for Release of Information

Why Clients Rate MRO #1 for Release of Information Services

MRO is the KLAS rated #1 provider of Release of Information services since 2013. Discover some of the reasons 100% of MRO clients say they would hire us again! Download our executive summary of Best in KLAS reports to see how MRO compares with other ROI vendors.

What’s included in MRO’s executive summary of KLAS reports?


Based solely on feedback from thousands of providers, this award is given to the software and services vendor/solutions that outperforms all others in the following key areas: sales and contracting; implementation and training; service and support; and general and overall services.


MRO continues to have higher performance scores than competitors in each year’s Best in KLAS report. MRO’s average performance score over the past 5 years has increased by 5.73%. See the chart and details in the KLAS report.


Findings in the 2015 HIM Services Performance report indicated that MRO surpassed competitors on the combined quality and productivity client expectations metric. Download the report to see the graph that shows how all vendors performed in productivity and quality.

Plus, read comments from MRO’s clients about our service, quality, technology and more.

“We continue to be very pleased with MRO Corp. They continue to meet our expectations. We were worried that the larger they got, the less responsive to customer requests they would be, but they continue to treat us like we are the only customer they have.” – MRO Client

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