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The Release of Information (ROI) workflow involves a variety of manual steps. While it can be minimized with the proper training and education, human error is inevitable. An error can lead to the wrong patient’s records being released to the wrong party, resulting in breach and damage to an organization’s reputation.

To help prevent improper Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosure, MRO offers IdentiScan, a patented, proprietary technology that is embedded in MRO’s ROI Online® platform. IdentiScan uses optical character recognition (OCR) verification technology to examine each page in a medical record for patient-identifying information before PHI is released. This compliance step ensures that the right records are being released to right requester, resulting in a 99.99 percent ROI accuracy rate among MRO clients.

IdentiScan is just one of the multiple Quality Assurance steps MRO offers healthcare organizations to ensure that their ROI process is compliant, secure and efficient.