​Recently I had the opportunity to present a webinar with two of my MRO colleagues, where we explored the future of technology as it relates to health information management (HIM), revenue integrity and clinical data. We discussed what is on the horizon and how to prepare for the future regarding technology, privacy, compliance and security. As we begin 2022, we must all prepare for accelerated technological transformation in the healthcare industry, while keeping privacy, security and compliance top of mind.

Technology Transformation 

As the healthcare industry changes at a rapid pace, it is imperative for MRO to evolve as a technology company operating in a connected healthcare ecosystem. Here are four important reasons for ongoing transformation:

  • Increased demand for automated transactions at an exponential rate
  • Demand for insight-driven actions and shifts in workflows that are proactive instead of reactive
  • Government mandates evolving from EMR adoption to data access
  • Patient demand for an unfragmented, connected experience

The need to transform will drive many organizations from the current state of manual and disconnected workflows to automated, connected and proactive workflows. Our technologies need to be easily composable, interoperable and embeddable. However, to remain secure and compliant we must manage the gateways to our data appropriately, while connecting in an automated and proactive manner. Identity management and data movement telemetry will further drive the industry to create new business models, but what does that mean for security?

Security becomes exponentially harder as we expand beyond providing a service to also providing a self-service experience or an API-based service. As we take each progressive step with expansion, there are added exposure points and threats.

Overall, these transformational opportunities are exciting and will advance the healthcare ecosystem as we know it today. It’s a process to enjoy and embrace as we forge ahead in technology advancements.

Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

As 2022 begins, it’s important to remember that the healthcare ecosystem is transforming. Patient access to their own medical records will continue to be a primary focus. Patients are more engaged than ever before in managing their own healthcare. Each year, new generations take control of their health and become increasingly savvy in making healthcare decisions. The younger generations are focused on open access, less parental access, and digital technology connections.

Furthermore, data has become the new healthcare currency as we look toward artificial intelligence, bots and automation technology. The focus is how to obtain data, where to use it, and how to properly manage it. We will continue to experience disrupters in the healthcare market as data plays a larger role in day-to-day activities. However, boundaries between stakeholders are narrowing, ultimately opening further technological transformation and advances.

To learn more about technology, privacy and security predictions for 2022, request the playback of the recent webinar here