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Enhancing Technology to Meet Patient Medical Record Access Needs

February 8, 2021

The current pandemic environment encourages physically distanced services as much as possible. In response, MRO saw the impact to patient medical record requests and is launching MRO Virtual Front Desk™. The Virtual Front Desk provides multiple touchless intake options, including an automated request application, to create a streamlined and more effective patient experience. To enhance patient record access, the web-based self-service application allows patients to request their medical record at their convenience and from the device of their choice. By integrating the automated patient request  with our release of information technology, HIM staff reduce time and costs processing patient requests.

MRO Virtual Front Desk

MRO Virtual Front Desk solutions enable several intake and output options that can be made available throughout a hospital and on the hospital’s web site or patient portal. Through this contactless processing, face-to-face interactions are reduced, accommodating physical distance initiatives. This satisfies both patients and hospital staff who can now work more remotely across the board.

Hospitals can choose from a variety of request intake options:

  • MRO eXpress™, maintained through the hospital website
  • Email, direct to the client hospital
  • Direct mail, with forms and self-addressed envelopes directed to the hospital or a centralized client location of choice
  • Secure drop box onsite at the hospital, where HIM can make timely, regularly scheduled pickups
  • Fax, direct to the client hospital

And requesters can designate their desired record format, including:

  • Secure email
  • CD
  • Paper

MRO eXpress™ Expands Patient Access

MRO eXpress is an application to streamline patient medical record requests through an electronic format that connects directly into the enterprise-wide ROI workflow. Patients can request records, no matter the time or place, through a link on the hospital’s website. Patients have the flexibility to access MRO eXpress on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone). This application enables HIM staff to bypass time-consuming paper driven data entry workflows. A standard PDF output provides consistency in documenting the request. The output file includes the required elements to complete the information request and validate identity, thereby driving time and cost savings, in addition to providing an optimal patient experience.

Patients receive an email confirmation of their request and can track their requests through MRO. If necessary, patients can speak directly with someone in MRO’s requester services department Monday through Friday. By enhancing our release of information technology to automate patient requests, both hospital staff and patients experience increased satisfaction.

As the healthcare industry evolves during this pandemic and beyond, we anticipate that the increase in telehealth visits will continue to drive the need for contactless record requests. MRO is committed to offering virtual solutions that adapt to meet both hospital and patient needs.

To learn more about MRO Virtual Front Desk solutions and MRO eXpress, click here.

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