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ROI Online®


ROI Online®

ROI Online is a cloud-based solution enabling healthcare organizations to efficiently manage the Release of Information (ROI) process across the enterprise. Our innovative Protected Health Information (PHI) exchange technology helps to drive compliance, standardize PHI disclosure processes, increase policy enforcement, decrease turnaround time, improve customer service and easily document all disclosures.

Through ROI Online, requests for medical records can be fulfilled in a variety of formats including paper, CD or through electronic methods such as requester portals, email and Direct Secure Messaging . Health information can also be shared through MRO’s interfaces with government agencies including the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Special technology features of ROI Online include:

  • IdentiScan®, a state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) verification technology that examines medical records for patient-identifying information to ensure accuracy and prevent the release of comingled records.
  • MROeLink®, a suite of interfaces that streamline the ROI process for improved efficiency and reduced errors.

MRO’s PHI disclosure management platform ROI Online is HITRUST CSF® Certified.

NEW! ROI Online®—Business Office Edition, a Common Platform for HIM and Business Office Collaboration

Improve efficiency, cost savings and compliance, today, with MRO’s ROI Online®—Business Office Edition. The technology can be used as a common platform for HIM and the Business Office to effectively collaborate in attaching patient records to claims to support payment.


“ROI Online enabled us to take control of our release-of-information process and improve customer service to our requesters while generating a source of revenue. We previously outsourced the ROI function but were never completely comfortable with the idea of a third party determining what information from our patients’ records should be released. We were also uncomfortable with the fact that the service only came once per week and were concerned with turnaround. Implementing ROI Online alleviates our concerns and generates revenue without adding work for our staff.”

Linda Thoms

Manager, Sun Orthopaedic Group