Norristown, Pa. April 23, 2024 MRO Corp. (MRO), the leading clinical data exchange company in healthcare, announces an extension of automated retrieval services by leveraging technology to improve patient care across the healthcare continuum. MRO is now automating data exchange between providers for continuity of care (COC) purposes. The automated retrieval of patient medical records allows for a more seamless exchange, quicker turnaround times, and improved patient care and satisfaction.

Through this new technology, MRO is helping to improve healthcare outcomes and patient wellbeing while lessening the burden on healthcare staff. Accelerated turnaround times, streamlined requester experiences, and better data accuracy with limited human intervention allows healthcare providers to make better-informed care decisions for their patients, leading to a more seamless care transition for patients seen in multiple care settings. The new capability ensures safe, secure and appropriate sharing of patient data for COC purposes while fully protecting patient privacy and advancing interoperability.

MRO is leading the industry as a proactive voice for both patients and providers who are continuously overwhelmed with requests for patient health information. “We offer a solution that allows providers to spend more time focused on giving the highest quality of care,” said Jason Brown, CEO, MRO. “Our solutions have been purpose built for providers so they can deliver timely care to patients who need it most and have the right information they need to make the best-informed decisions.”

Last year, MRO began automating risk adjustment requests via our clinical data exchange platform to improve payer provider collaboration. “Now, we are enhancing our clinical data management capabilities by integrating continuity of care requests into our existing clinical data exchange platform,” said Mo Weitnauer, Chief Product Officer, MRO Corp. “This project standardizes the logging of COC as abstracts, can customize retrieval based on provider-defined abstract templates, and will streamline the delivery process through the creation of standardized deliverables that providers can easily read. We do this within a short turnaround time to ensure that care is not interrupted.”

MRO continues to dedicate time and resources to develop automated and digital clinical data exchange technology for additional use cases to further enhance interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem for patients, providers, payers and other clinical data consumers.

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MRO is accelerating the exchange of clinical data throughout the healthcare ecosystem on behalf of providers, payers, and users of clinical data. By utilizing industry-leading solutions and incorporating the latest technology, MRO is helping providers and payers manage and exchange clinical data. With a 20-year legacy and leader of Best in KLAS for ten of the past eleven years, MRO brings a technology-driven mindset built upon a customer-first service foundation and a relentless focus on customer excellence. MRO connects over 250 EHRs, 170,000 providers, 35,000 practices, and 1,100 hospitals and health systems while extracting more than 1.3 billion clinical records. For more information, visit


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