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FIGmd PerformancePathway

Ease the burden of quality performance and prepare for 2025’s new quality measures.

Quality performance is already complex and time consuming — and 2025 is closer than you think. PerformancePathway is an EHR-agnostic cloud-based SaaS that meets all your quality performance reporting needs, including:

Practice onboarding and support

Data collection and processing

Quality performance dashboard and reporting

Our experts are committed to your success

Understanding healthcare’s ever-changing requirements is our business. As your expert partner, we tailor our end-to-end reporting technology and services around your specific needs, guiding you through the entire process.

We help you discover ways to visualize gaps in quality performance across the enterprise, share information, enhance clinician relationships, and in turn, provide insights to drive better patient outcomes.

Normalize multiple data sources to a single quality submission

PerformancePathway ingests and standardizes data, including unstructured and discrete, from multiple clinical sources — including more than 200 EHRs and practice management systems. You can submit easily for any internal or external quality performance program.

We are the experts in quality payment programs for multiple ACOs — we even had one of the few successful submissions for the APP quality performance category for 2021.

Use insights to improve clinical performance

We simplify extraction, validation, and reporting to uncover insights that you can turn into action across the care continuum.

PerformancePathway helps you slice and dice data and share information easily throughout your organization. Our team onboards and works with provider practices for you, enabling them to manage quality and improving your relationships over time.

Read the solution overview to learn more about PerformancePathway.


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