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People Make the Difference

Bringing people together to enhance, innovate, and drive the healthcare industry forward.

A network of support is provided to help clients navigate the continually evolving healthcare landscape. Our team of in-house experts, seasoned professionals, and certified workforce ensure the investment you make in MRO meets and achieves your desired goals and outcomes across your organization.

Why MRO’s people make a difference for you: 

    MRO's team expertise
  • NNetwork of support and expertise for clients and staff. MRO’s in-house experts are seasoned well-respected thought leaders with years of experience providing innovative solutions to clients' everyday challenges.
  • NOur investment in the hiring, training and development process benefits our clients by minimizing errors associated with high turnover.
  • NOngoing leadership training, on-demand education, classroom instruction and employee engagement programs to grow our employees to better support our clients. Tri-annual leadership training, newsletters, our Everyday Heroes recognition program and other engagement tools foster a strong sense of culture and prepare our employees to deliver unparalleled service.
  • NMRO's Executive Leadership stays informed by clients to ensure future needs are met. Our clients have a voice in future services. MRO's Client Advisory Board (CAB) is made up of our client volunteers providing input and expertise to help ensure MRO meets the continually changing needs driven by an evolving industry. CAB members meet several times a year to network and discuss current challenges, market shifts, and ever-changing needs to foster actionable solutions for future success.

Retaining highly skilled, certified and engaged employees is a key component for a successful and long-lasting partnership. MRO is committed to our people and their continued professional growth as we strive to deliver better outcomes for our clients.

HIM’s Everyday Heroes

Our work matters. It enables better coordination of care, helps patients secure disability benefits, and supports patients through insurance claims or lawsuits when medical records are required. The fast and accurate sharing of medical records can make a lasting impact for a patient in need. In fact, many of our employees have been recognized as “everyday heroes” by patients and third-party requesters of health information, whom we have had the privilege and pleasure of helping.

What makes MRO stand out from other companies? Without a doubt, it is our people. We hire and retain the best talent in the industry. And we continue to invest in their success through training and education programs.

The MRO team offers:

MRO's team expertise
  • NOnsite staffing with deep domain expertise to support internal HIM and revenue cycle efforts
  • NProfessionals who are proficient in HIPAA regulations, federal, state, and local policies and procedures and proper disclosure management
  • NPersonalized care with an emphasis on quality assurance and patient advocacy

The people of MRO are the cornerstone of your success. We are here for you, every step of the way.



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