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Meet Our People


Meet Our People

At MRO, our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and we take pride in the dedication and contribution each team member makes to ensure client satisfaction. Take a look at what some of our exceptional employees have to say about working at MRO.

Requester Services

Amy Hunter

Amy Hunter, Senior Requester Services Specialist

I love the people I work with in my department and in surrounding departments. Everyone is so friendly. The management here at MRO truly cares about us. They are always there to listen and to help in any way possible. They definitely make us feel appreciated. Another reason that I love working at MRO is the fact that every single day I make a difference. I get to speak with patients, listen to their stories and assist them in obtaining a copy of their or their loved one’s medical records, for whatever reason that they may need them. Some stories are very difficult to listen to, but sometimes we are the only person they have to talk to.

Anne Apostol

Anne Apostol, Director of Requester Services

MRO has been a great supporter in my efforts to bring my passion for managing people and provide a healthy business culture that creates leaders. I have been in operations for over 18 years and managed many teams, and I can honestly say that I am so proud to be working with a team with so much dedication, drive and most important heart in everything they do. The MRO Requester Services team is not just a team of employees and co-workers, instead they are my family.


User Support


Jamal Todd

Jamal Todd, Senior User Support Administrator

I have very high praise for the management team here at MRO. One of the things that stood out to me early on was the recognition given to employees for hard work on a consistent basis. Dedication and consistency are highly valued here, and it is definitely refreshing to hear you’re doing your job well. Aside from appreciation, communication is also a priority. Management ensures every idea and every decision is heard by the employees. They not only keep us informed, but they reach out to us for insights as well. They value our opinions. I feel as though I actually play a key role in the changes made, and also a role in the growth of the company as a whole. A healthy relationship with management is essential to the environment of a workplace, and MRO takes pride in that.

Michelle Myler

Michelle Myler, Supervisor of User Support

At MRO, there is the daily ability I am given to help someone who may be going through a rough time in understanding how to obtain medical records. In my role, I am also able to make Release of Information (ROI) processing simpler by providing training over the phone, and I enjoy the added opportunity to develop relationships with the clients we serve. Additionally, the growth of MRO and all the opportunities that come with that are very exciting. I think, though, what I like best about working with MRO are the people I work with.

Remote ROI Services


Fernanda Correa-Thom

Fernanda Correa-Thom, Remote Services Administrator

My favorite part of my job is learning and understanding each facility’s system. I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself. I also enjoy helping others with training and creating more efficient ways to do the work. It’s a very good feeling to work in a fast-growing company. We have expanded tremendously since I started here. Another area I like about MRO is the personal time off policy. I find it very generous and management has been flexible and understanding with my needs. The environment is great, and our new and modern office is a big plus. 

Keith Suttle

Keith Suttle, Remote Services Administrator

Every member of MRO’s management team, including the CEO, is very approachable. When I first started, I was quite nervous about having to learn everything for the position, but I quickly understood that there is a great deal of training and a large number of people to ask questions. MRO truly cares about their employees. I have an advanced eye sight issue, and on the first day of my second week with the company, management brought in a brand new extra-large monitor for me without me asking for the accommodation. Overall, MRO is a great employment opportunity. MRO has achieved many awards and it is easy to see why. We have great technology to support our clients and staff and great management to help us achieve our goals.


Bret Galbreth, Senior Remote Services Administrator

What I enjoy most about working at MRO is the team-oriented culture. It’s nice knowing you can approach any member of your team with a problem. Without hesitation, they will help you find a resolution to any given issue. We can all lean on each other to ensure our goals are met in a timely manner. This is an encouraging environment and that’s a key reason I look forward to coming into work each day.

Ariel Box

 Ariel Box, Supervisor of Remote Services

One of the best things I like about MRO is the close-knit feeling you get from the company. Although it is rapidly growing in size, everyone is still very connected. I like the way the different departments interact when need be. Since we spend a great deal of time at our computers, hard at work, I really enjoy the simple things that add character to the office like cubical decorating contests and random email trivia that come around from time to time. I feel as though MRO does a very good job at showing recognition to those employees that work hard and go above and beyond.

Disclosure Integrity and Distribution

Danielle Dougherty, Director of ROI Administration

Coming from a retail management background, I enjoy MRO’s fast paced environment and nurturing culture full of challenges and learning opportunities. Everyone has been welcoming of questions and supportive in my desire to grow within the company. Our team in Disclosure Integrity is comprised of an astounding group of hard working individuals who continuously strive towards accuracy and efficiency, ensuring the highest possible compliance standards are met. In the short time since joining the MRO team in 2016, I have experienced both the growth and potential the company offers and promotes. Above all, my favorite part of the company is the people who make it all possible! I truly look forward to a long and fulfilling career here at MRO.


Zachary Glessner, Quality Control Coordinator

I enjoy being part of a hard-working team here at MRO. Everyone is vital in assuring that this intricate process gets done efficiently. Although we all have specific roles, communication and teamwork are the main reasons why our process works so well. I enjoy that management allows everyone here to have a voice. They are willing to listen to ideas or suggestions no matter what level that individual is at.


Kimberly Hunter, Supervisor of Disclosure Integrity

What I enjoy most about working at MRO is the endless knowledge you gain. In an industry that is fast paced and ever-changing, there is so much to learn and grow from. The people here at the National Service Center make coming to work every day a pleasurable experience. In my role, I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have gained over the last year with people who are just starting their careers with MRO. Our management staff is always asking for our opinions and giving positive feedback. Nothing big or small goes unnoticed by management, and working hard really does pay off. I am happy to call myself a part of this team and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Daniel Yoo, Manager of Disclosure Integrity

The possibilities within MRO are endless. It’s truly a thriving company where anyone who is passionate can seek opportunity. I have been with MRO for three years and have received multiple promotions. This is attributable to my hard work, but also the company’s training, development and mentorship. MRO is dedicated to its employees and provides an excellent environment where opportunities are boundless.

Staffed ROI Services

Brandy Garrett, Regional Operations Manager – MO, OH, KY, MN, WV, IL

The best part about working for MRO is the internal growth I have experienced. With our online training tool, MRO Academy, leadership development, and having learned smart business decision making through my Director of Client Operations and Vice President of Operations, I confidently welcome increased responsibilities and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. MRO gives me the opportunity to put my fingerprint on local and companywide projects. As the company grows, I am engaged, challenged and able to create great results alongside some of the best people in the business.


Sandra Goddard, Director of Client Operations – Northeast Region

Working at MRO has afforded me an opportunity to experiment and think outside the box to bring about proactive changes to support our company’s value PARTNER. Managing multiple teams and processes can be a challenge, but having a leadership team vested and willing to support both customer satisfaction and employee engagement promotes an environment, of trust. One of the main reasons I enjoy working at MRO is our dynamic culture.

TracyAnn Bremmer, ROI Specialist – Bronx, NY

I love the fact that MRO provides constant training and updating of HIPAA regulations to help me and my team members perform better. MRO also gives us customer service tips to help us maintain a very great relationship with our clients and patients. As an ROI Specialist for over seven years, I take pride in what I do and my goal is to grow in this company and continue providing excellent service. Also, I love the idea of having flexibility to transfer to another state to work.

Ann Simpson, Area Manager – Grand Rapids, MI

Currently, my role at MRO is Senior Release of Information Specialist at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Prior to this, I was an independent full service ROI specialist at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center in Rochester, Michigan. There are many aspects of my new role that are both challenging and rewarding. While at Crittenton, I enjoyed interacting with patients and knowing I made the task of requesting PHI easier for them. The motto I adopted is humanize the request. We may not have the ability to fix a broken bone or stitch a wound, but we can make the process of releasing and transferring PHI less painful for the patient. My career in HIM began in 1989 as a high school co-op student. I have performed multiple duties along the way, filing, analyzing, coding, and releasing information. The evolution from paper records to EMRs brought many challenges to this profession, and I continue to be impressed with MRO’s technological enhancements. MRO provides a good fit for the independent worker, as well as those who like to be part of a team. Since day one, I have felt this company strives not only to see employees succeed, but also to advance.

Elizabeth Dunlap, ROI Specialist – Tulsa, OK

MRO is always providing training and helpful tools to help us succeed in making sure we are the absolute best at what we do. Personally, I had little training in HIPAA when I first came to MRO, and with the help of my manager and team, I quickly felt 100% comfortable in ROI. Also, everyone at our National Service Center is always so helpful. MRO is a wonderful company to work for and I’m so glad to be a part of it!