Certification will validate that Audit Tracker Online and ROI Online provide seamless inbound and outbound data exchange between Executive Health Resources and its hospital clients

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – November 12, 2009 – MRO Corp., a leading provider of release-of-information (ROI), audit tracking and document management solutions for healthcare providers, today announced Audit Tracker Online and ROI Online will achieve PLATINUM level integration certification status, the highest level of integration certification status from Executive Health Resources (EHR), the leading provider of medical necessity compliance and denials management solutions. The certification, called “EHR Integrated™,” validates that by using Audit Tracker Online and ROI Online, hospitals will be able to seamlessly send and receive denial appeals data and status updates, including data and updates relevant to all governmental auditing programs such as Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs), Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPICs), and Medicaid Integrity Contractors (MICs), to and from EHR.

Audit Tracker Online is MRO’s request management program that enables hospitals and health systems to effectively manage payer audits and denials from initial medical records request through appeals and payment resolution. Audit Tracker Online expands the functionalities of traditional recovery audit contractor (RAC) software to allow healthcare providers to manage incoming medical record requests for all types of payer audits. MRO’s ROI Online is a Web-based solution that allows healthcare providers to efficiently manage release-of-information requests through staffed, shared or remote service models.

As part of the certification process, Audit Tracker Online and ROI Online will be tested to ensure that they integrate with EHR’s internal, proprietary enterprise technology systems through accurate data and image sharing across an inbound/outbound data exchange interface that was created by EHR. After reviewing the technical requirements, it was determined that Audit Tracker Online and ROI Online are compatible with the EHR’s data exchange, resulting in its EHR Integrated™ certification.

“This EHR Integrated™ designation underscores our continued commitment to help hospitals in achieving greater process efficiencies, accuracy and effectiveness during a time of increased scrutiny by auditing bodies,” states David Borden, MRO’s chief technology officer. “Given the labor-intensive and long-term nature of managing and appealing payor denials, we are pleased to work with EHR to help hospitals streamline this process so that their focus can be on the hospital’s many other top priorities.”

EHR processed more than 28 percent of all medical necessity RAC appeals during the demonstration project, making it the largest single RAC medical necessity appealing organization. The EHR Integrated™ certification program was established to provide an easy way for EHR’s 800+ hospital clients to identify the software solutions that can exchange data and images with EHR. This integration can provide EHR’s hospital clients a way to reduce their appeals data processing time, to maintain data integrity and to allow them timely access to appeals process status.

“By utilizing an EHR Integrated™ solution such as Audit Tracker Online and ROI Online, hospitals that partner with EHR to manage their medical necessity denials and appeals will experience meaningful time and cost savings in avoiding the manual transfer of data to and from EHR,” explains Mike Modiz, director of operational effectiveness for EHR. “In addition, EHR will receive appeals data and provide status updates more quickly. This allows for immediate action by our appeals management team and more timely access to the status and result of each appeal by hospital clients.”

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MRO is a leading provider of release-of-information (ROI), audit tracking and document management solutions for healthcare providers. By continually enhancing its proprietary technology and utilizing the latest in software and document capture systems, MRO provides simple, effective, and affordable ROI and audit tracking solutions that integrate with daily workflow processes for both paper-based and electronic record systems. For additional information, visit MRO on the Web at www.mrocorp.com.

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Executive Health Resources (EHR), The Physician Advisor Company™, is the leading provider of real-time, point-of-care, expert Physician Advisor solutions to more than 800 hospitals and health systems across the county. Headquartered in Newtown Square, Pa., EHR’s comprehensive solutions include Medicare and Medicaid Compliance Management, Medicare and Medicaid Denials Management (including RAC, QIO and MAC denials) Commercial Payor Denials Management, and Length of Stay Management. To date, EHR’s Physician Advisors have successfully performed more than one million medical necessity reviews, conducted hundreds of audits at client hospital facilities and successfully identified and reversed thousands of inappropriate RAC medical necessity denials at all levels of appeal. Learn more at www.ehrdocs.com and www.theRACcure.com.