RAC Tracker Online manages the entire RAC process from initial request through payment resolution

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – July 14, 2008 – MRO Corp., the market leader of shared-service, release-of-information (ROI) solutions for healthcare providers, today announced RAC Tracker Online, a request management program that enables hospitals to effectively manage the entire Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) audit process.

The new module will allow healthcare providers to manage incoming RAC requests from initial audit through the appeals process and payment resolution. In addition to tracking all aspects of the process, RAC Tracker Online creates detailed trend analyses, identifying steps that will allow providers to enhance the claims process and avoid future audits.

Many RAC reviews begin with a release-of-information (ROI) request. RAC Tracker Online will be integrated with MRO’s flagship software, ROI Online™, as well as being offered as a stand-alone product for facilities not currently using the ROI management software. RAC Tracker Online:

  • Facilitates data entry of patient demographics, services provided, etc…;
  • Coordinates RAC processing workflow;
  • Organizes provider requirements, process summaries, error analyses and deadlines;
  • Captures requested documentation and RAC-related correspondence; and
  • Manages ROI, financial and RAC reporting.

“With the ongoing expansion of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) RAC program to uncover improper Medicare payments – both overpayments and underpayments, we realized the emergent need for tracking and reporting tools to effectively manage the entire RAC request process at the provider level,” said CEO of MRO, Stephen Hynes.

“Everything from submitting claim histories to uploading medical records to filing appeals will be required under tight deadlines. Organizations that cannot meet these deadlines are automatically determined to have filed an incorrect claim, resulting in extensive lost revenue. RAC Tracker Online prepares healthcare providers to more efficiently manage RAC requests and identifies opportunities to improve clinical and financial documentation – thereby avoiding future audits.”

With RAC Tracker Online, the RAC request is logged into the system as a normal ROI request and the healthcare provider uploads the requested documentation for delivery to the RAC. Automatic RAC requests with no required medical documentation can also be logged into the system for reporting purposes. Once the RAC has reviewed the claim and medical records, and made a determination as to whether there was any overpayment or underpayment, the information is logged into the system. If the provider does not agree with the decision, RAC Tracker Online offers an automatic appeal letter generation capability, allowing the system’s user to quickly comply and meet stated deadlines.

MRO will be conducting free Webinars throughout July and August to introduce the features of RAC Tracker Online and discuss the new capabilities that may be beneficial in this new environment.

About MRO Corp.

MRO is the market leader of shared-service, release-of-information (ROI) solutions for healthcare providers. By continually enhancing its proprietary technology and utilizing the latest in software and document capture systems, MRO provides simple, effective, and affordable ROI solutions that integrate with daily workflow processes for both paper-based and electronic record systems. For additional information, visit MRO on the Web at www.mrocorp.com.