Remote Services and Staffed Services broadens range of service offerings for healthcare providers

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – February 9, 2009 – MRO Corp., the market leader of shared-service, release-of-information (ROI) solutions for healthcare providers, today announced that it has expanded its ROI processing services for healthcare facilities. In addition to the company’s traditional Shared Services model for ROI processing, MRO is now offering Remote Services and Staffed Services models as two new options for healthcare facilities.


The Remote Services model has been developed for facilities with electronic health record (EHR) systems, but do not have the staffing capacity to implement MRO’s traditional Shared Services model. With Remote Services, the medical facility is able to outsource many of the core, front-end release-of-information functions to MRO and leverage technology investments. Because MRO’s responsibilities are performed remotely through access to its EHR system, many of the administrative and cost concerns with full outsourcing are eliminated.

MRO’s Staffed Services model enables medical facilities to manage ROI clerical personnel without adding FTEs to the budget. MRO will assist with the hiring of new staff, provide full training and pay their salary and benefits, while allowing the medical facility to provide the day-to-day management. This model is ideal for medical facilities that would like to take control of and improve their ROI process but do not have the financial capacity to hire additional employees. With this approach, medical facilities can receive all of the benefits inherent in MRO’s traditional Shared Services model while eliminating many of the issues associated with not having managerial control.

“We are continually searching for ways in which we can better assist healthcare facilities with streamlining the release-of-information process and Remote Services and Staffed Services further expand our spectrum of service offerings,” says John Walton, vice president of client relations, MRO Corp. “Our advanced technology and business processes allow us the opportunity to not simply offer our clients an ‘either/or’ packaged process; we are able to closely work with them to customize a process that fits their needs.”

With MRO’s traditional Shared Services model, providers manage the “front-end” services including uploading relevant charts onto the ROI Online™ system, while MRO handles the complex and time-consuming “back-end” services such as requester communications and fulfillment requirements. The Web-based platform provides unique service delivery options that allow facilities to maintain greater control and retain more revenues.

About MRO Corp.

MRO is the market leader of shared-service, release-of-information (ROI) solutions for healthcare providers. By continually enhancing its proprietary technology and utilizing the latest in software and document capture systems, MRO provides simple, effective, and affordable ROI solutions that integrate with daily workflow processes for both paper-based and electronic record systems. For additional information, visit MRO on the Web at