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Revenue Cycle Solutions

Address the fragmented workflows and long turn-around-times while enhancing your revenue cycle management with actionable business intelligence.

Financial pressures are increasing as payers of all types hold, partially pay, audit and deny claim payments. Additional documentation requests from health plans, third party auditors, CMS, the Veteran’s Administration, state Medicaid and a multitude of additional payers, are complex and difficult to fulfill. Most providers have minimal audit tracking capabilities, leading to siloed departments, fragmented workflows, longer turn around times, and little to no actionable business intelligence from which to improve. Every day spent managing claim-based record requests increases accounts receivables and impacts the bottom line, often causing unnecessary write-offs.

MRO’s Revenue Cycle Solutions leverage our workflow, platform and automation to eliminate technical denials and reduce AR days associated with payer claim requests and audits.

MRO’s Revenue Cycle Solutions are designed to help accelerate billing and collections, mitigate compliance risks, limit errors, and provide decision makers with accurate data insights to make informed decisions. The suite of revenue integrity solutions:

Benefits of MRO's Revenue Integrity Solutions
  • NAllows users to conduct and manage all payer and provider audits, as well as internal and physician audits from one system
  • NHelps providers obtain appropriate reimbursement, promotes operational improvement, and reduces compliance risk
  • NDrives efficiencies with tools such as code-specific worksheets, built-in workflow, automatic data capture, form links, and one-click drilldown links
Benefits of MRO's Revenue Integrity Solutions
  • NVisualizes data with dashboards and reports showing productivity, accuracy rates, error sources, and other important data sets
  • NProactively identifies root causes of errors to improve coding and billing practices and avoid compliance penalties
  • NProvides an efficient feedback loop to coders, providers, and departments to ensure operational improvement

Our healthcare and IT consultants will work with you to make the design and implementation of your solution efficient and effective. 

Revenue Cycle Technology

Revenue Cycle Solutions are designed to be powerful, flexible, and user-friendly.

Our software as a service (SAAS) is designed to be easy to set-up and use.  Written to run efficiently in the cloud, our applications enable customers to get up and running quickly, with minimal demands on the IT department.  Solutions can run independently or as an integrated suite. You simply choose the modules you want.  We accommodate small providers and large, multi-facility systems, with the flexibility to expand as needs grow. Our ability to interface with your current systems enables you to leverage your existing technologies.

Revenue Cycle Support

On-call support helps you get the most out of your software and your team.

We provide superior training and support to help you get the most out of your system.  We assign a project leader to create and manage an implementation plan customized to each customer’s specific needs. Once you are up and running, we provide training and on-going support.

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