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Since April 2003, patients have had the right to request amendments to protected health information (PHI) contained within the designated record maintained by a covered entity (CE) or its business associates. As patients have become more engaged in their care, the number of requests for amendments has increased. Adding to the complexity, patient records are shared electronically through health information exchanges (HIEs) and other means. Identifying how requests for amendments are processed and then disseminated must be clearly outlined within the organization.   


In her role as Director of Account Management for MRO, Warner is responsible for establishing, maintaining and enhancing relationships with clients. By building trust as a liaison between MRO and our client, she provides guidance and advice ensuring all MRO services are provided efficiency and effectively striving for the highest quality in delivery and customer services. Warner has over 20 years of experience in HIM, working in various healthcare settings including physician practice and acute care hospitals. Prior to joining MRO, she served as Director, Information Governance, Informatics and Standards at the American Health Information Association (AHIMA). Warner provided professional expertise EHRs, privacy, security and confidentiality, and HIM operations in both hospitals and physician practices. She holds a Master of Science in Health Services Administration from the Columbus State University in Georgia.

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