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Cobius Denial Manager

Increase recoveries, revenue, and cash flow from denials by while enabling you to prevent future denials by identifying their root causes.

Recover more of your claim denials with Cobius Denial Manager, the premier technology to recoup revenues due to preventable denials. Even a low rate of denials can significantly affect a hospital’s financial health. Cobius Denial Manager boosts recoveries, revenue, and cash flow by helping you recoup existing denials and prevent future ones. The cloud-based application can be set up quickly across your enterprise to start yielding a fast return on investment. When used together, Cobius Audit Manager and Cobius Denial Manager provide a comprehensive view of all payer denials.

Use a single source to manage all denials

Manage denials from all government and commercial payers for all parts of the healthcare system in one solution, accommodating both pre-discharge and post-bill workflows, and providing insight into what is happening on all denials until they reach resolution.

Benefits of managing denials in one solution
  • NSpeed Recovery of Wrongly Denied Claims
  • NDiscover Root Causes of Preventable Denials
  • NUncover Hidden Write-Offs

Speed collections and institutionalize best practices through automation

Cobius Denial Manager reduces the time associated with managing denials.  It automatically logs, assigns, and prioritizes denials so your team is highly productive. Built-in workflow, analytical tools, and customizable appeal templates improve collaboration while speeding and maximizing recovery.  By standardizing and automating workflows, you ensure that best practices are used to maximize recoveries and cash flow efficiently. Cobius Denial Manager can automatically share data with patient accounting systems and other sources, eliminating redundant data entry while giving key users immediate access to denial information.

Promote real-time, data-driven decision-making

Cobius Denial Manager provides ready access to the critical data you need to make informed decisions. Customizable reporting systems enable you to measure performance against benchmarks to support continuous improvement and identify and mitigate risk. Executive dashboards, scorecards, and other reports provide critical information about denial status, finances, productivity, error patterns and other matters. Cobius Denial Manager includes the capabilities of Cobius Denial Analyzer.

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