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Partners & Affiliations

At MRO, we welcome the opportunity to partner with outside companies and organizations and focus on three core relationship types: infrastructure, corporate and referral. Partnering helps us optimize our technology, serve more clients through system integrations and align our existing clients with other service providers that, like MRO, can help their organization operate more efficiently and compliantly.

Infrastructure Partners: MRO partners with distinguished technology companies that support our efforts in delivering best in class solutions.

Corporate Partners: MRO has built API or other system integrations with our corporate partners in order to deliver new and innovative services.

Referral Partners: MRO partners with a variety of service providers to which we trust referring our clients.

As the healthcare industry evolves, MRO is continuing to work cohesively in our industry to bring our clients the most robust solutions available. This includes seeking affiliation with organizations that help us better serve our clients and advance our mission, which is to disclose the right Protected Health Information (PHI) to the right requesters in a secure and compliant fashion, with an unwavering focus on client success.

These affiliations include: