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Quality performance is already complex and time consuming — and more measures are coming. Let us lift the burden for you with ACO PerformancePathway™.

2025’s all-payer eCQM/CQM MIPS measures requirements for ACOs will be here soon. Are you prepared?

Quality performance is already complex and time consuming.

ACO PerformancePathway is an EHR-agnostic cloud-based SaaS that lightens your quality performance load. Our experts tailor the solution from end-to-end based on your needs, so you can overcome your data-management challenges and optimize your quality submission.

We stay on top of the requirements to make it easier on you.

Understanding healthcare’s ever-changing requirements is our business. No matter how many disparate EHRs hold your clinical data, we’re up to the task. When you work with MRO, we guide you through the entire process, from gathering and normalizing data all the way to quality submissions.

Read the solution overview to learn more about ACO PerformancePathway.

With ACO PerformancePathway, you can:

  • Aggregate, normalize, and de-duplicate disparate data from various EMRs
  • Account for patients seen by multiple practices only one time
  • Optimize value-based care
  • Manage and share information easily
  • Prioritize compliance, security, and privacy
  • Track your success at a glance with the ACO PerformancePathway dashboard
  • Secure buy-in throughout the organization
  • Collaborate across levels and silos
  • Manage and share quality information downstream
  • Strengthen relationships with practices and providers
  • Compile quality scores at the ACO entity level
  • Single dashboard for multiple ACOs across the enterprise
  • Present total quality points for quality payment programs
  • Glean actionable insights
  • Rely on MRO end-to-end services and solutions
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