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MRO empowers healthcare organizations with enterprise-wide solutions for secure, compliant and efficient exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI). These solutions include a suite of PHI disclosure management services comprised of Release of Information (ROI), government & commercial payer audit management and Accounting of Disclosures. MRO additionally provides technology-driven services to support information technology (IT) interoperability initiatives.

On a departmental level, here is what MRO can deliver to your organization:

Health Information Management
As the KLAS Category Leader for Release of Information since 2013, healthcare organizations can feel confident knowing they are partnered with the acknowledged industry leader.

MRO’s services and technologies reduce the risk of improper disclosure of PHI, enabling HIM leaders to ensure unmatched accuracy and enhanced turnaround times. HIM leaders can rely on MRO for future-ready technology and industry insights drawn from more than a dozen years of experience to help them better manage PHI disclosure, standardize processes and ensure compliance throughout their organization.

In addition, since MRO invests heavily in the hiring, training and education of its processing center and field staffs, HIM professionals will receive the highest level of service so they can focus their time and energy on other priorities.

Compliance and Risk
MRO’s solutions drive compliance and reduce PHI breach risk. By incorporating multiple Quality Assurance (QA) checks performed by highly trained professionals as well as proprietary, state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) scanning technology, MRO’s services and technologies reduce the risk of improper disclosure of PHI, ensure unmatched accuracy and enhance turnaround times.

As a centralized platform, MRO’s PHI disclosure management solutions allow healthcare organizations to enforce consistent policies, standardize processes and implement best practices for PHI disclosure in multiple departments and outpatient facilities, ensuring compliance and limiting risk throughout their organization.

Included in our solutions is a comprehensive Accounting of Disclosures (AOD), including what PHI was disclosed, to whom and why, allowing healthcare enterprises to improve compliance and transparency. Also, MRO’s released records repository enables risk management and compliance professionals to identify and access precisely what PHI their organization disclosed to a requesting party, on demand.

Information Technology
MRO’s PHI disclosure management system offers IT professionals a highly interoperable, centralized platform to help healthcare organizations standardize disclosure processes and ensure compliance while achieving real results, such as meeting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’) Meaningful Use ePHI objectives and improving care coordination and patient outcomes.

MRO’s implementation team are experts in IT as well as HIM and the associated regulations around patient privacy, compliance and information governance. This cross-disciplinary perspective has allowed us to develop effective solutions for driving the adoption of interoperable and health information exchange (HIE) technologies.

Our expertise is also fortified by years of MRO deployments into several thousand provider locations nationwide, and experience with integrating MRO applications with major EMRs, proprietary systems and sophisticated government initiatives. These government programs include the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) MEGAHIT program and CMS’ esMD . MRO was also one of the first members of DirectTrust as a Health Information Services Provider (HISP), and was a founding member of the eHealth Exchange’s Carequality initiative.