NORRISTOWN, Pa. – June 26, 2019 – MRO, a leader in the secure, compliant and efficient exchange of protected health information (PHI), released results of a nationwide survey of senior health information management (HIM) professionals about Release of Information (ROI) priorities and strategies, including top vendor evaluation criteria. The survey was conducted by Porter Research, a market intelligence and research group focused on healthcare information technology.

Executive insights from the survey represent 33 hospitals, 1253 clinics and 620,719 annual ROI requests. Compiled into a report, “Release of Information: Can You Afford to Ignore Industry Changes,” the feedback from the surveyed HIM leaders serves as a guide for assessing PHI disclosure management options and evaluating ROI vendors. Here are three of the questions covered:

  • When is it time to consider a new strategy and ROI partner?
  • What are the essential attributes of an ROI vendor?
  • What key decision criteria matter the most to healthcare organizations?

According to the report, the top two business problems or reasons for outsourcing were dissatisfaction with a current vendor or the need to standardize ROI processes across a complex health system. Five essential attributes of an ROI vendor were ease of use, workflow, ability to handle volume, turnaround time and industry reputation. Common themes around decision criteria when selecting a new ROI partner were integration and technical features, compliance, and the level of service engagement. Of cited criteria, price ranked lowest.

“Results of the survey both confirm and enlighten MRO’s go-forward strategy for our ROI solutions,” said Stephen Hynes, CEO of MRO. “This type of critical industry feedback is essential to continually guide MRO’s product and service development. Much like our annual advisory retreats, client meetings and KLAS data, the Porter research provides keen insights into HIM leaders’ concerns, challenges and future vision for PHI disclosure management.”

To request the report “Release of Information: Can You Afford to Ignore Industry Changes?” visit MRO’s website.

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