First EHR Integrated vendor to achieve platinum-level certification for the updated version of EHR’s audit tracking and reporting interface

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – December 3, 2013 – MRO Corp., a leading provider of technology-driven disclosure management services and applications for healthcare organizations, announces that its payer audit tracking and reporting solution, AUDITRENDS® Online is platinum-level certified and fully integrated with Executive Health Resource’s (EHR) inbound/outbound data exchange interface for audit tracking providers, EHR Integrated™ version 3.0.

As an EHR Integrated solution, MRO’s AUDITRENDS application enables the seamless exchange of audit appeals data and status updates between healthcare providers and EHR, a leading provider of medical necessity and appeals management solutions.

By integrating AUDITRENDS with EHR’s upgraded interface, MRO clients are enabled to seamlessly send and receive denial appeals data and status updates, including data and updates relevant to all governmental auditing programs such as Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs), Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPICs), and Medicaid Integrity Contractors (MICs), and a wider variety of commercial payer denials to and from EHR. Additionally, communication regarding all five levels of RAC appeals can now be supported through AUDITRENDS.

“MRO continues to play a key role in assisting healthcare organizations with the RAC program and a growing rush of other payer audits,” said Jeff Horner, director of product management at MRO. “We’re confident these updates to our application will bring improved audit workflows for our clients by reducing the level of manual data entry.”

“By utilizing an EHR Integrated solution such as AUDITRENDS, hospitals that partner with EHR to manage their medical necessity denials and appeals will experience meaningful time and cost savings in avoiding the manual transfer of data to and from EHR,” explains Michael Modiz, MBA, vice president of appeals management for EHR. “In addition, EHR will receive appeals data and provide status updates more quickly. This allows for immediate action by our appeals management team and more timely access to the status and result of each appeal by hospital clients.”

Through its flagship disclosure management platform, ROI Online®, MRO also offers compliance services to improve the payer audit processing workflow, such as marking medical records requests from auditors with priority status that calls for deadline and address verification, as well as potential expedited delivery.

Additionally, as a Health Information Handler (HIH), MRO can rapidly and securely deliver all Medicare- and Medicaid-based review documents to CMS via esMD delivery.

About MRO Corp.
MRO, a leader in disclosure management and health information exchange (HIE), offers healthcare providers an enterprise-wide solution for the secure and compliant exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI). Through a proprietary disclosure management platform, MRO offers a combination of market expertise and technology-driven services to enable facilities to achieve a higher level of compliance oversight, mitigate risk and attest to meaningful use. The company’s range of solutions spans release-of-information (ROI), payer audit compliance and tracking, accounting of disclosures and document management. Additionally, MRO’s patient portals, Direct Secure Messaging services and government interfaces (CMS, SSA/DDS) enable electronic HIE. As a Health Information Service Provider (HISP), MRO is a member of DirectTrust. For additional information, visit /.

About EHR Integrated
EHR is committed to the efficiency and accuracy of the RAC tracking process. To that end, EHR has validated that an exclusive group of vendors integrate with EHR technology and reporting. Working with an EHR Integrated vendor enables EHR and the hospital to exchange RAC appeals data seamlessly. This avoids time‐intensive, costly data entry that the hospital would otherwise incur. Furthermore, utilizing an EHR Integrated solution reduces the hospital’s administrative processing efforts and optimizes data integrity and completeness throughout the RAC appeals status and data tracking process. To maximize
the workflow and efficiency of your hospital’s RAC Rapid Response team, look for the EHR Integrated logo when evaluating software solutions for your facility. For more information on the EHR Integrated program, please email EHR at

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Executive Health Resources (EHR), The Physician Advisor Company®, is a leading provider of medical necessity compliance solutions to more than 2,400 hospitals and health systems across the country. Endorsed by the American Hospital Association and Peer Reviewed by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, EHR’s comprehensive solutions are delivered through expert Physician Advisors who are specially-trained in Medicare/Medicaid rules and regulations relating to medical necessity and have real-time access to EHR’s database of more than 10 million medical necessity reviews. Learn more about Executive Health Resources at