AudiTrends™ Online offers new reports, detailed trend analyses and esMD RAC delivery capability to healthcare providers

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – March 13, 2012MRO Corp., a leader in disclosure management services and applications for healthcare organizations, today announced the release of its enhanced audit tracking and reporting software, AudiTrends Online. The software is an updated version of the formerly titled Audit Tracker Online that is currently used by 238 healthcare locations nationwide, including 68 hospitals. With the recent incorporation of more robust trend analyses and user-friendly reports, MRO renamed their product AudiTrends Online to better represent the full functionality of the software.

AudiTrends Online expands the functionalities of traditional recovery audit contractor (RAC) software to allow healthcare providers to manage incoming medical record requests for all types of payer audits; these include private payers, quality improvement organizations and other Medicare- and Medicaid-based audits from initial medical records requests through stages of appeals and payment resolutions. The customizable software manages patient information, workflow, correspondence, audit determinations, various stages of appeals processes, deadlines and documents in one central and secure location.

“The tracking and reporting of commercial audit processes of any type can be configured in AudiTrends Online,” said Mike Rodgers, MRO’s director of product management. “Based on our research and observations of current trends, we believe that the number of healthcare facility audits will continue to rise, and we anticipate new audit types to continue to surface. As the needs of our clients change, we will continue to update our software accordingly.”

In addition to tracking all aspects of audit processes, AudiTrends Online creates detailed reports and trend analyses to identify the areas in which providers can improve their claims processes and, in turn, avoid future audits. The latest modifications to the AudiTrends Online software include updated Batch, Error Analysis and “Won/Lost” reports that provide clients with more detailed descriptions of their audit results. In addition to the new report capabilities, the recent integration of updated reporting software greatly improves the aesthetics and decipherability of all existing reports.

“It’s important to mention that in addition to offering updated reporting features, we have also improved our delivery methods of medical records to esMD-approved auditors by providing clients with the ability to electronically submit records via our gateway to the National Health Information Network (NHIN),” said Rodgers. “MRO currently submits more records to RAC auditors via esMD than any other company in the country, and we’re pleased to be able to offer our clients the benefits of improved cost savings, security and delivery times.”

AudiTrends Online can be integrated with MRO’s release-of-information software ROI Online® or deployed as a stand-alone product for facilities not currently using the ROI management software.

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