IASIS implements enterprise-wide system to further enhance PHI disclosure processes across its 19 facilities

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – July 11, 2012 – MRO Corp., a leading provider of disclosure management services and applications for healthcare organizations, today announced that IASIS Healthcare has signed an agreement with MRO for disclosure management services, including release-of-information (ROI) and post-payment audit compliance and tracking.


Under the agreement, IASIS will utilize ROI Online® to manage and maintain control over ROI and improve health information management (HIM) departmental processes at its 18 acute care hospital facilities and one behavioral health hospital located across seven states. Additionally, AudiTrends™ Online, an integrated request management software and service, will enable IASIS to effectively manage the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) process, and other payer audits, from the initial medical records request through the appeals and payment resolution.

“As another layer of our strong commitment to patient privacy, we were tasked with finding an enhanced solution for disclosing and tracking protected health information (PHI),” said Jana Courmier, chief privacy officer for IASIS Healthcare. “MRO’s enterprise-wide approach to disclosure management was the best fit for IASIS, and we are confident that MRO will further strengthen our established processes.”

“Leveraging MRO’s customized solutions and technology, we will standardize our disclosure management platform across our network while improving day-to-day HIM processes in the IASIS hospitals,” said Kyle McElroy, director of health information management operations for IASIS Healthcare.

McElroy added that he appreciates MRO’s continued exploration of ROI enhancements to customize the system to fit IASIS’ operational needs, as well as advancements to connectivity and end-to-end electronic exchange such as electronic submission of medical documentation (esMD) and RAC. IASIS’ second stage of implementation will include the expansion of MRO’s services into outpatient and other ancillary departments.

About MRO Corp.

MRO, a leader in disclosure management solutions for healthcare organizations, provides electronic release-of-information (ROI)payer audit compliance and tracking, accounting of disclosures (AOD), meaningful use and patient portal services. MRO’s disclosure management applications and services can be deployed as a common tracking platform across the healthcare entity, spanning HIM, radiology, the business office, outpatient clinics and a number of other departments. Through a proprietary disclosure management platform and market-specific expertise, MRO facilitates the secure exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) between the healthcare provider and third-party requesters. MRO partners closely with their customers, enabling facilities to achieve a higher level of compliance oversight, mitigate risk, enhance the revenue cycle, improve customer service, and assume more control over the disclosure management process. For additional information, visit www.mrocorp.com.

About IASIS Healthcare Services

IASIS, located in Franklin, Tenn., is a leading owner and operator of medium-sized acute care hospitals in high-growth urban and suburban markets. The company operates its hospitals with a strong community focus by offering and developing healthcare services targeted to the needs of the markets it serves, promoting strong relationships with physicians and working with local managed care plans. IASIS owns or leases 18 acute care hospital facilities and one behavioral health hospital facility with a total of 4,380 licensed beds. These hospital facilities are located in seven regions: Salt Lake City, Utah; Phoenix, Arizona; Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida; five cities in Texas, including Houston and San Antonio; Las Vegas, Nevada; West Monroe, Louisiana; and Woodland Park, Colorado. For more information on IASIS, please visit www.iasishealthcare.com.