Nov. 13, 2018 – MRO, a leader in the secure, compliant and efficient exchange of protected health information (PHI), announced its IdentiScan® medical record integrity application was patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). U.S. Patent Number 10,037,409, “Automated Method and System for Reducing the Improper Disclosure of Documents,” was issued on July 31, 2018.

Healthcare providers partnering with MRO for release of information (ROI) benefit from IdentiScan as an embedded feature in the ROI Online® platform, used during a rigorous quality assurance process. IdentiScan uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan for and locate misfiled pages within patient health record sets to enable correction prior to sharing with requesters of the information.

“We are pleased that IdentiScan is now patented, positioning MRO to protect the technology that makes our product unique, powerful and accurate,” said David Borden, Chief Platform Architect and inventor of IdentiScan. “Through this patent, MRO clients receive the exclusive benefit of this type of technology to ensure PHI disclosure accuracy.”

With IdentiScan in place, MRO fulfills requests with a 99.99 percent accuracy rate. MRO has identified comingled records in approximately one in every 200 requests processed. Since the deployment of the application in July 2013, MRO’s specialists have used the technology to perform quality checks on millions of record requests to correct instances of comingled medical records that may have resulted in privacy breaches.

In September 2018, KLAS published the report “Release of Information 2018: Who Delivers Most Consistently Across Customers?” in which MRO was recognized as the best overall performer with the highest rating for quality. MRO is the five-time KLAS “Category Leader” for ROI, as designated in the 2013-2018 “Best in KLAS Software & Services” reports.

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MRO, the KLAS-rated #1 provider of release of information (ROI) solutions since 2013, empowers healthcare organizations with proven, enterprise-wide solutions for the secure, compliant and efficient exchange of protected health information (PHI). In addition to ROI, MRO’s suite of PHI disclosure management solutions is comprised of government and commercial payer audit management and accounting of disclosures services and technologies. MRO’s technology-driven services reduce the risk of improper disclosure of PHI, ensure unmatched accuracy and enhance turnaround times. To learn more, visit