Centralized tracking and workflow program allows healthcare organizations to effectively manage all protected health information (PHI) disclosures

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – September 14 – MRO Corp., a leading provider of disclosure management applications and services for healthcare organizations, today announced the release of AOD Online, a centralized tracking and reporting system that allows healthcare organizations to manage and resolve PHI disclosure challenges through enterprise-wide software.

Healthcare organizations can utilize MRO’s accounting of disclosures application to ensure their organizations are fully compliant to an array of state and federal regulations pertaining to the disclosure of PHI and related health documentation, including the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition, the accounting of disclosures application offers healthcare organizations:

  • Secure, enterprise-wide database tracking and access for all departments;
  • Full integration with MRO’s ROI Online™ release-of-information system and service;
  • Customizable user interface allowing a range of disclosure options;
  • Quality assurance checks performed on disclosures;
  • Advanced reporting and analysis for consistent administrative oversight;
  • Workflow for all disclosure formats, including paper, film, slides, CDs and electronic records systems; and
  • Synchronization with master patient index (MPI).

“The more stringent accounting of disclosures stipulations under recent legislation such as ARRA brings a host of new disclosure management challenges for today’s healthcare organizations,” said Stephen Hynes, president of MRO. “The impact and increased workflow complexity of these new requirements stretches throughout the entire hospital or health system. This increased risk of penalties for breached disclosures creates an immediate need for an advanced accounting of disclosures tracking and management system.”

As part of the accounting of disclosures solution, MRO performs a thorough review and evaluation of a provider’s operational policies and workflows to assess how it is performing in relation to specific requirements. MRO then identifies what measures and programs are needed to stop improper disclosures. With MRO’s disclosure management applications and services, healthcare organizations receive the personal consultation and technology solutions needed to meet the evolving demands of ARRA and HIPAA disclosure legislation.

About MRO Corp.

MRO Corp., a leader in disclosure management solutions for healthcare organizations, provides electronic release-of-information (ROI), audit tracking, accounting of disclosures (AOD) and document management software and services. MRO’s disclosure management solutions can be deployed as a common tracking platform across the healthcare entity, from HIM, radiology and the business office to outpatient clinics and numerous other departments. Based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, MRO partners closely with healthcare organizations to enable them to achieve a higher level of compliance oversight, optimize revenue generation, enhance customer service, reduce requester status calls, and assume more control over the disclosure management process. For additional information, visit www.mrocorp.com.