CMS has incorporated MRO’s ROI Online™ and Audit Tracker Online applications into its CONNECT Gateway Pilot Program

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – November 15, 2011MRO Corp., a leading provider of disclosure management applications and services for healthcare organizations, today announced they are among the first health information handlers to successfully pass all critical integration tests, including evaluations for connectivity, functionality and end-to-end electronic interchange. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has incorporated MRO’s ROI Online™ and Audit Tracker Online applications into its CONNECT Gateway Pilot Program, a program to facilitate the electronic submission of medical documentation (esMD) to Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) and other federal Medicare and Medicaid Auditors.

Through this partnership, MRO has worked closely with CMS and the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology and other health information handlers to drive the electronic end-to-end delivery of patient records for healthcare providers.

“In addition to the esMD Gateway pilot, MRO intends to participate in the ONC-sponsored Direct Project as a Health Information Service Provider,” says David Borden, chief technology officer at MRO. “Instead of the inefficient, fax-based methods that many healthcare providers have traditionally used, the Direct Project will allow providers to use secure email to efficiently transmit patient information over the National Health Information Network (NHIN), ensuring the safe, HIPAA-compliant transfer of protected health information.”

MRO joined this effort in July 2010 and has worked to build a gateway that integrates the ROI Online and Audit Tracker Online applications directly with CMS and the organization’s CONNECT software. MRO is scheduled to participate with the ONC and other health information handlers for a planned integration with the NHIN in July 2012.

About MRO Corp.

MRO Corp., a leader in disclosure management solutions for healthcare organizations, provides electronic release-of-information (ROI), audit tracking, accounting of disclosures (AOD) and document management software and services. MRO’s disclosure management solutions can be deployed as a common tracking platform across the healthcare entity, from HIM, radiology and the business office to outpatient clinics and numerous other departments. Based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, MRO partners closely with healthcare organizations to enable them to achieve a higher level of compliance oversight, optimize revenue generation, enhance customer service, reduce requester status calls, and assume more control over the disclosure management process. For additional information, visit