MRO’s document capture module is compatible with the Cerner Millennium System

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – September 29, 2006 – MRO Corporation today announced the availability of a document capture module fully compatible with the Cerner Millennium System and its Medical Record Publishing (MRP) module. Using MRO’s WebPrint Distribution Server, documents can be fed directly into MRO’s release-of-information system, ROI Online.

ROI Online is designed for healthcare providers to efficiently process release-of-information requests in-house. Facility personnel receive the request, pull or access the chart, and send the requested information directly into ROI Online using MRO’s unique browser-based scanning and document capture systems. MRO processes the request from there, handling all the time consuming fulfillment requirements such as billing, collections, logging & tracking, requestor relations, communications & phone calls, and distribution of the requested record. MRO remits a percentage of the revenue back to the facility on a monthly basis.

“We are continually improving our document capture technology”, said David Borden, MRO’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our Cerner clientele approached us to help them streamline their release process as they implement the Medical Record Publishing module. With our WebPrint Distribution Server workflow, staff can very efficiently move documents through Cerner and into MRO’s ROI Online system”.

About Medical Records Online

MRO is a leading provider of in-house release-of-information solutions. By utilizing state-of-the-art software and document capture systems, MRO provides simple, effective, and affordable ROI solutions that integrate with daily workflow processes for both paper-based and electronic record systems.