Company announces plans to expand capabilities of optical character recognition (OCR) quality assurance software in 2016

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – September 23, 2015 –MRO, a leader in the secure, compliant and efficient exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI), announced today plans for expanding its quality assurance capabilities through IdentiScan, the proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) software embedded in MRO’s ROI Online® PHI disclosure management platform, to ensure the highest levels of accuracy while exchanging health information.

Currently, MRO leverages IdentiScan to validate the work of Release of Information (ROI) staff by spot-checking requested medical documentation for patient-identifying information prior to distribution to requesting parties. In 2016, MRO will expand IdentiScan capabilities to review every page of documentation that is processed through the ROI Online platform, verifying the correct health information is disclosed during the ROI process.

“Incorporating IdentiScan at this capacity into MRO’s existing ROI workflow will improve an already-established and robust quality assurance process, and contribute to an even higher accuracy rate,” said David Borden, inventor of IdentiScan and chief technology officer at MRO. “With IdentiScan in place, we are able to identify errors that human intervention alone cannot. We’re proud to use innovation and leading-edge technology to offer our clients a solid safeguard against costly health data breaches.”

ROI Online empowers healthcare organizations to standardize PHI disclosure across an organization and improve compliance, processes and efficiencies. In June 2015, KLAS named MRO the leader for quality and overall performance in ROI in the “HIM Services Performance 2015: Coding, Transcription, Release of Information” report. MRO was the KLAS Category Leader in 2013 and 2014 for ROI.

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MRO empowers healthcare organizations with proven, enterprise-wide solutions for the secure, compliant and efficient exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI). These solutions include a suite of PHI disclosure management services comprised of release of information, government and commercial payer audit management and accounting of disclosures. MRO’s technology-driven services reduce the risk of improper disclosure of PHI, ensure unmatched accuracy and enhance turnaround times. MRO additionally supports its clients’ current and future initiatives, including interoperability, meaningful use and health information exchange. To learn more, visit