As only company in ROI field currently certified for Electronic Copy of Health Information criteria, MRO assists ROI clients in achieving meaningful use

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – February 28, 2012MRO Corp., a leader in disclosure management services and applications for healthcare organizations, today announced 17 of the company’s release-of-information clients have integrated MRO’s meaningful use workflow and reporting module into their facilities’ ROI Online™ system to successfully complete Meaningful Use Stage 1 attestation in preparation for receiving incentive payments from the U.S. government.

As more hospitals and physicians implement new health information technology in response to the federal government’s incentivized push, MRO helps meet the expanding needs of healthcare facilities by offering solutions to disclosure management that also aid in proving the meaningful use of EHRs. To successfully attest, eligible providers need to display meaningful use of a certified EHR system using criteria established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). There are fifteen core required criteria and a menu of an additional ten objectives, from which providers can select and achieve five; in total, twenty points of criteria must be met in order to qualify for Stage 1 meaningful use incentives.

“Our clients are confident they can attest to the meaningful use objectives related to release-of-information without logging requests into any other systems beyond ROI Online,” said Mike Rodgers, MRO’s director of product management. “With a simple update to their current version of our ROI software, our clients receive the benefits of all of the tracking and reporting features needed to successfully complete attestation.”

Additionally, MRO offers various options to satisfy the requirements for electronic delivery; these delivery methods include CD and patient portal. With the industry’s anticipation of an increasing demand for online patient access to medical records, MRO developed and now offers a robust patient portal solution for electronic delivery that enables MRO clients to provide protected health information (PHI) to patients through a direct and secure platform.

“Thorough research and product development processes enable us to swiftly respond to industry changes and dedicate the necessary resources to make sure that MRO solutions meet our clients’ forward-looking business needs,” said Steve Hynes, president of MRO.  Hynes added that MRO is fully prepared to help their clients meet the anticipated challenges that recently-released Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements will present to healthcare organizations.

MRO’s ROI Online 2.1.1 has been certified as an EHR Module since Sept. 2011 and meets all meaningful use objectives related to ROI, including Accounting of Disclosures, Electronic Copy of Health Information, Electronic Copy of Discharge Instructions, Access Control, Automatic Log-Off, Audit Log, Integrity, Authentication, General Encryption, and Encryption when Exchanging Clinical Information.

MRO is the first and only company within the ROI industry to receive certification for the Electronic Copy of Health Information criteria. Additionally, MRO is currently in the process of attaining meaningful use certification for ambulatory criteria. Rodgers stated that the company expects to achieve certification in the second quarter of 2012.
For additional information on MRO’s meaningful use certification, view the ONCHIT Certified Health IT Product List.

About MRO Corp.

MRO, a leader in disclosure management solutions for healthcare organizations, provides electronic release-of-information (ROI)payer audit compliance and trackingaccounting of disclosures (AOD) and document management services. MRO’s disclosure management applications and services can be deployed as a common tracking platform across the healthcare entity, spanning HIM, radiology, the business office, outpatient clinics and a number of other departments. Through a proprietary disclosure management platform and market-specific expertise, MRO facilitates the secure exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) between the healthcare provider and third-party requesters. MRO partners closely with their customers, enabling facilities to achieve a higher level of compliance oversight, mitigate risk, enhance the revenue cycle, improve customer service, and assume more control over the disclosure management process. For additional information, visit