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Case of the Sensitive ROI Request – Season 1, Episode 4

Case of the Sensitive ROI Request

In the season finale of Two Private Eyes, Magnum PHI and SureLook Holmes are called to the case when Danielle Disclosure, an ROI Specialist at a local hospital, is processing a sensitive ROI request. HIM departments get these types of requests every day—requests including minors or deceased patients; sensitive PHI such as mental health, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and genetic testing; and requests with deadlines such as audits, subpoenas and Social Security Administration disability determination.

The two investigators swoop in to remind Danielle that MRO’s ROI Online® platform includes the following features to help platform users process sensitive ROI requests compliantly:

  • A built-in knowledgebase
  • Intelligent guidance features
  • Access to a specialized User Support team via instant messaging or by phone

“The support doesn’t stop there,” says SureLook. “A second team of disclosure integrity specialists will review the request and use optical character recognition technology to ensure PHI accuracy.” 

This is MRO’s patented IdentiScan® record integrity application that scans for and locates misfiled pages within patient health record sets to enable correction prior to sharing with requesters of the information. With IdentiScan in place, MRO fulfills requests with a 99.99 percent accuracy rate.

SureLook continues, “And, another team will validate the requester information, so you don’t need to worry about the records getting into the wrong hands!” 

With MRO’s “second set of eyes” system of checks and balances within its rigorous Quality Assurance program, MRO clients have total confidence that the right records will be delivered to the right people.

Case of the Sensitive ROI Request

Case of the Sensitive ROI Request

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