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Service Delivery Models

ROI Online Service Delivery Models

MRO understands that every healthcare facility has differing disclosure management needs when it comes to ROI. With this in mind, we have designed a range of service delivery models that allow our clients to benefit from the value of ROI Online services as a common platform accessible through all necessary ancillary departments of your organization. Additionally, we work with individual facilities to create a customized solution and model that offers the perfect workflow needed to handle their individual needs.

What are Shared Services?

MRO’s Shared Services model enables healthcare facilities to keep or take control of the front-end ROI processes while outsourcing the remainder of the ROI functions to MRO. The facility logs the requests into the ROI Online system, accesses the record and then uploads the appropriate portions of the chart. MRO performs all of the back-end ROI functions such as billing, collections, requester communications, issue resolution, Quality Assurance, policy enforcement and distribution of the record. Utilizing Shared Services, facilities can effectively take the compliance portion of the ROI function in-house and establish new revenue without adding the labor that would traditionally be required.

What are Remote Services?

The ROI Online Shared Services model enables MRO clients to leverage technology investments and create unique service delivery options. Facilities that have a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) and do not have the staffing capacity to implement MRO’s Shared Services model can utilize our Remote Services operation. With MRO’s Remote Services, the medical facility is able to outsource many of the core, front-end release-of-information functions to MRO and leverage technology investments while eliminating many of the issues frequently found when contracting with a traditional vendor.

What are Staffed Services?

MRO’s industry-leading technology platform enables the company to deliver traditional staffed ROI services to our clients in a more efficient and compliant way. The MRO field management organization is responsible for hiring, training and managing the on-site employees while leveraging the back-office support structure to provide a level of oversight and quality assurance unmatched in the ROI industry.

What are MRO Facility-Managed Employee Services?

This program enables medical facilities to hire and manage ROI clerical personnel without adding FTEs to the HIM budget. MRO will assist the medical facility with the hiring of new staff, provide training and will pay their salaries and benefits, while letting the medical facility HIM department provide day-to-day direction and management. This program is a perfect solution for medical facilities that would like to take control of and improve their ROI process but do not have the capacity to hire additional employees.

Whether you choose Shared, Remote, Staffed or MRO Facility-Managed Employee Services, or determine that your department requires a unique and flexible blend, MRO can deliver! All ROI Online clients benefit from:

  • Greater control
  • Enhanced compliance and oversight
  • Better requester communication
  • Excellent customer service
  • A new revenue opportunity
  • A transparent partnership arrangement
  • The most advanced technology platform in the industry