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Case of the Comingled Records – Season 1, Episode 3

Case of the Inundating ROI Request Volumes

In episode three, Magnum PHI and SureLook Holmes arrive at a nearby hospital in response to a “Missing HIM Team” report. HIM Director, Holly LaChart, and her team are nowhere to be found.

After some sleuthing, the investigators hear faint cries for help coming from a heaping pile of Release of Information requests that accumulated near the copy machine in a back corner. After digging through the paper, the HIM team is finally located. And, just in time. In addition to all the usual requests waiting to be fulfilled, a large audit deadline is nearing, and Holly says she can’t afford to be late!

SureLook and Magnum huddle up and say “bring it.” The investigators are excited to show Holly and her HIM team how they can turn to MRO’s next generation technology to get the job done.

By using MRO’s KLAS-rated #1 technologies and services, Magnum and SureLook help Holly’s HIM team streamline processes and enable lightning-fast turnaround times, ensuring the right Protected Health Information (PHI) gets to the right requesters—and, on time.

Stay tuned for our next episode to see how the duo uses MRO’s quality-infused workflows to prevent records from going to the wrong recipient.

Case of the Inundating ROI Request Volumes

Case of the Inundating ROI Request Volumes

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