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Case of the Comingled Records – Season 1, Episode 2

Case of the Urgent Patient Request

In episode two, Magnum PHI and SureLook Holmes are back at it when they get a call from Peter McPatient*, who explains he needs help getting his hands on copies of his medical records pronto to ensure his disability benefits are not denied.

The investigative duo points Peter to MRO’s National Service Center, since MRO handles Release of Information (ROI) on behalf of Peter’s local hospital. The teams at MRO’s National Service Center support the life cycle of ROI requests from start to finish– delivering first class service and industry-leading Quality Assurance. (Watch Episode 1 for more on MRO’s QA program.)

When he calls, Peter is greeted by a highly trained and knowledgeable ROI specialist within MRO’s Requester Services group, who after hearing his story connects him with an in-house Patient Advocate. The Advocate talks through the ROI process and assists Peter in getting the PHI he requested, from order through delivery.

Peter is relieved. “You are my heroes! I was going to lose my house without this disability payment. Your help and these medical records mean the world.”

With the help of MRO, Magnum and SureLook ensure patient satisfaction. Case closed.

Stay tuned for our next episode to see how the two PIs take on increasingly high volumes of requests for Protected Health Information (PHI).

* Based on a true story, although names have been altered to protect the identity of the parties involved.

Case of the Urgent Patient Request

Case of the Urgent Patient Request

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