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Case of the Comingled Records – Season 1, Episode 1

Case of the Comingled Records
In episode one, Magnum PHI and SureLook Holmes help a distressed ROI specialist at a nearby hospital find and correct comingled patient records before they are released. The sleuthing duo appears at a nearby hospital just in the nick of time, as ROI specialist Wendy Records was about to approve mixed patient records to be released.

When it comes to disclosing PHI, even the best employees are subject to human error. Wendy was shocked when Magnum and SureLook appeared at her side to point out that wrong patient records were mixed in the middle of a massive chart she pulled to release. Wendy has won many awards for her accuracy in disclosing PHI, but today she really needed the assistance of multiple Quality Assurance checks to prevent a privacy breach.

To solve this case, the two private eyes tap into MRO’s multi-tiered Quality Assurance program, which ensures every request processed through ROI Online® is reviewed multiple times to help healthcare organizations enforce consistent policies, standardize processes, enhance compliance and limit risk throughout an enterprise. MRO’s first QA stage of secondary reviews boosts accuracy to 99.3%, and then accuracy zooms to 99.99% through the application of a proprietary record integrity application called IdentiScan®.

Magnum is quick to point out that he’s pretty sure the records Wendy is reviewing seem suspicious. Then, SureLook, with his finer attention to detail, leverages the precision of IdentiScan, which uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan pages of patient charts for patient identifiers and spot those sneaky wrong records.

With the help of these two private eyes, Wendy corrects the comingled records and prevents the hospital from dealing with all the financial and reputational repercussions of a nasty breach.

Stay tuned for our next episode to see how the dynamic duo handles a very urgent request from a patient who needs copies of medical records pronto.

Case of the Comingled Records

Case of the Comingled Records

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