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Workflow Processes


ROI Workflow Processes

Traditional Release of Information (ROI) processes vary greatly in comparison to the more compliant and efficient workflows made possible through MRO’s ROI platform. MRO’s workflow differentiates itself with its thorough, efficient and effective processes, technology and people.

Traditional ROI Workflow

Traditionally, ROI requests arrive at a facility through various means and are tracked by onsite staff. This staff is required to evaluate the legitimacy of the request and determine if the request is HIPAA compliant—and if it is not, determine the best course of action for satisfying the compliance function. The staff additionally fields and documents all requester calls, retrieves records, invoices and collects fees, produces copies and delivers records. The traditional way of processing ROI results in delayed fulfillments, inefficiencies and increased errors.

MRO’s ROI Workflow

With MRO’s system, any onsite staff (whether MRO staff or hospital staff) focuses on just two things: service and quality.

MRO partners with you and provides specialized resources throughout the lifecycle of a request to reduce release turnaround times while improving quality. MRO does this by migrating specialized steps away from your facility to our centralized processing center where we apply a series of Quality Assurance (QA) checks throughout the fulfillment process. Here, MRO will check incoming requests to ensure the authorization is valid and that all HIPAA requirements are met. MRO’s dedicated Requester Services team will additionally field all requester calls, routing calls away from your facility and providing high levels of support to your requesters. Other ROI functions MRO handles from our processing center include invoicing, production and delivery of patient records. We also barcode every record before shipment and verify to ensure that the right patient records are sent to the correct address.