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ROI Online®

ROI Online®

MRO’s KLAS-rated release of information solution ROI Online is a web-based solution that allows medical facilities to efficiently manage the release of information process by delivering the highest level of service and technology in the industry. Utilizing ROI Online enables healthcare organizations to improve compliance, enhance customer service, increase policy enforcement, decrease turnaround time and leverage technology. ROI requesters can receive the records in any format they choose including electronic delivery, CD and paper.

Whether using ROI Online as a shared, remote or staffed model, MRO will strive to form a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.

ROI Online Service Delivery Models

To best serve clients, MRO offers a variety of delivery models:

  • Shared – Facilities keep “front-end” ROI processes while outsourcing the remainder to MRO
  • Staffed – MRO delivers traditional on-site staffed ROI services
  • MRO Facility-Managed Employee – MRO hires, trains and pays employees but hospital provides day-to-day direction and management
  • Remote Services – MRO can provide all or some ROI services remotely for facilities that have comprehensive Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Customized Services