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Requester Services


If you are a requester of medical records, please visit our ROI Online® Requester Central login area, contact us by email at, or call (610) 994-7500, Option 1.

Requester Services

MRO’s centralized Requester Services team is dedicated to providing first-class professional service, with a concentration on Release of Information (ROI) and HIPAA proficiency to ensure alignment with our clients’ goals and expectations. Our contact center maintains stringent guidelines related to customer service training, accurate and empathetic support to callers, especially patients.

MRO’s Requester Services team provides value-added services, such as:

  • Responding efficiently and professionally to all inbound communications from requesters of medical records.
  • Combining compliance and customer service in one centralized location, allowing hospitals to focus on patients and on processing critical HIM functions.
  • Ensuring patients are treated with the care and attention they deserve, through specialized training. Patient satisfaction is one of MRO’s top priorities.
  • Offering another line of defense in enforcing compliance by screening all updated documentation received in response to compliance issues, and altering hospital locations when full compliance is achieved.
  • Managing MRO’s Patient Advocate Program.

To learn more about MRO’s National Service Center support teams, including Requester Services, contact us today.


“Prior to utilizing ROI Online, we were processing requests in-house, which left us swamped with requester status calls and a significant backlog. ROI Online has enabled us to maintain efficient turnaround times, decrease our correspondence labor by 50 percent and receive more revenue than we did when the process was in-house!”

Jamie McDonough

Director of Health Information Systems, Jameson Health System