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Physician Audit Manager

Manage all provider audits with a system that helps you target your biggest risks.

Physician Audit Manager allows users to conduct and manage all their physician institutional audits, and helps organizations obtain appropriate reimbursement, promote operational improvement, and reduce compliance risk.

Use one solution for all your provider audits

Manage all your physician audits in one system.  Easily monitor and report on each audit.  Quickly create and conduct audits for individual providers or specific groups, such as new hires, practices, or specialties.  You can also audit specific topics, such as high-risk E&M codes or HCCs.  Physician Audit Manager can synthesize data from multiple systems, so you have all the information you need in a standard format in one place.

Target quickly, reduce risk and increase revenue

Built-in tools highlight which individuals, codes, modifiers, and other areas create the greatest risk, so you can quickly target and audit them. Physician Audit Manager pays for itself quickly by identifying ways to increase revenue and reduce compliance risks and audit costs. The system helps you find opportunities to increase revenue, quickly bolstering the bottom line.

Improve audit effectiveness

Physician Audit Manager automates many time-consuming activities, from scheduling audits and updating provider data to following up on problem audits.  The system creates and tracks follow up actions, such as education and meetings, to ensure that they are performed.  Automating these steps helps ensure more effective audits while reducing audit time, cost, and errors.  This tool offers dozens of worksheets to ensure that specific services, such as telehealth, meet required standards.

Get the information you need to find and correct risks and revenue opportunities

Dashboards and reports track productivity, accuracy rates, risk and error sources, trends and topics.  You can give meaningful results to providers, department chairpersons and CFOs, all to improve performance.  Analytical reports help you identify patterns where risks and opportunities exist.

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