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Payer Audit Tracking and Reporting


Payer Audit Tracking and Reporting

MRO’s cloud-based payer audit tracking and reporting application, AUDITRENDS® Online, allows healthcare organizations to manage payer audit processes and enforce appropriate billing procedures and deadline management across the enterprise.

AUDITRENDS offers you one, secure location to:

  • Coordinate the entire audit process for multiple auditors
  • Organize provider requirements, process summaries, error analyses and deadlines
  • Maintain requested documentation and auditor-related correspondence
  • Manage the reporting of document requests and appeals letters delivery, financials and auditor information
  • Create detailed trend analyses

Our affordable audit management program can be integrated with MRO’s flagship Release of Information (ROI) solution, ROI Online®. It is also offered as a stand-alone product for organizations not currently using the release platform. Stand-alone AUDITRENDS users have the option to leverage MRO’s ROI processing center to facilitate the secure distribution and delivery of medical records to auditors.

AUDITRENDS holds EHR PLATINUM-level integration certification status and is AHA RACTrac compatible.